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What is the true Booking Guarantee?

Please find full details of the true Booking Guarantee here, along with Terms and Conditions.

Can I cancel my booking for free?

We’d like to reassure you that if life doesn’t quite go to plan, and your circumstances change, we’ve got you covered. You can cancel for free if…

  1. You fail to get the results to attend the University you selected
  2. Your VISA is declined  
  3. You choose to move to another university in a city where we are yet to have true Student accommodation.

Terms and conditions apply (read here)

Can I get someone to take over my Tenancy?

If you want to be released from your tenancy agreement, licence agreement, or SAT (Scotland) and you do not meet the requirements of a tenancy release, it is your responsibility to find a replacement tenant. The replacement tenant must agree to the existing rent and term conditions of the existing tenant.

If we accept a replacement tenant for your tenancy before the expiry of your contractual term, you will be required to pay a £250 admin fee and a £100 cleaning fee on the day your tenancy is taken over. This sum acts as a contribution towards operational and re-letting costs. 

A tenancy takeover will be deemed complete to the point where a replacement is found when the following criteria are met:

  • The new tenant has paid  any current due rental charge, and this has been confirmed as received by true
  • The new tenant has signed their AST or Licence Agreement
  • The new tenant has confirmed receipt of keys
  • The new Tenant has moved into the building and completed an inventory form. true will not refund any advanced rent payment until all the above criteria are met.

This policy will be reviewed regularly as the situation surrounding Covid-19 develops. true reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this cancellation policy at any time.

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