What is the true Booking Guarantee?

Please find full details of the true Booking Guarantee here, along with Terms and Conditions.

Can I cancel my booking for free?

You can cancel for free if…

  • You fail to get the results to attend the university you selected
  • Your VISA is declined
  • You choose to move to another university in a city where we are yet to have true Student accommodation

 T&Cs Apply

  1. There is a 14 day cooling off period once the Tenancy Agreement has been signed, after which the Tenancy Agreement is legally binding.
  2. In some cases, we will cancel the booking if a replacement tenant is found who will take on the rent liability. This decision will be made by the management team at their discretion.
  3. The cancellation period is extended for tenants booking at true Swansea, as we will allow cancellations until our show flat is ready to view during January 2021. Cancelations must be made by 31st January 2021.
  4. The true guarantee only covers your booking prior to check-in, once you have moved into a true accommodation - you are no longer able to cancel your booking for the reasons stated above.

Am I eligible for a Flexible Check In?

For guests that have booked a room for the 2020/21 academic year we are offering a flexible check in date for students whose university delays the start of their term (this is for changes made after the 17th June to those dates that have already been published), subject to these terms and conditions.  

T&Cs Apply

  1. This offer applies to all Students who have already completed a Tenancy Agreement for a room with True Student and all guests who complete a Tenancy Agreement with True Student on or before 31st August 2020.  
  2. To be eligible to benefit from this promotion the original Tenancy Agreement must be for a minimum tenancy length of 44 weeks, with a tenancy check in date on or before 31st October 2020. This promotion excludes all short stays and/or semester stays.
  3. In order to benefit from this promotion a customer’s university or higher education institute (HEI) must delay the start of the Academic Year, to those dates that are already confirmed as at the 17th June.   In the event that they do so we will be willing to defer the check in date of that Tenancy Agreement and credit the customer’s account for the unused weeks of the tenancy, up until the earlier of (1) a period of one week before the new Academic Year start date, (2) the 31st October 2020, subject always to the terms set out in this promotion.
  4. We will continue to monitor university and HEI term start dates and may review or amend this offer accordingly.
  5. If an HEI delays the start of the Academic Year and a customer wishes to delay their check in date under this promotion they will need to contact us by email on or before 23rd August 2020.
  6. Having received contact from a customer we will make a form available for the customer to complete on or before 31st August 2020 to inform us of their request for a new check in date in line with the above. We will then cross check this information against their Tenancy Agreement and any changes to HEI Academic Year dates before applying the promotion. 

Can I cancel my booking after I have checked in?

We will allow a tenancy take over (please see FAQ below), but if you decide to leave University then we can look at this as an exceptional circumstance.

If you wish to be released from your contract for exceptional circumstances, you must appeal in writing (in the form of an email) to the residence General Manager.

In these circumstances you must provide;

  • a suitable letter from the doctor or medical institution detailing the issue and why it has caused you to leave University
  • any additional proof or supporting evidence to validate your application
  • a letter from your University confirming that you have withdrawn from your course. Even if you do provide this information, then release will be discretionary based on the views of the management team and in some circumstance’s tenancy release may not be granted.

Tenancy releases for exceptional circumstances will not be granted where:

  • You are still at University and have not withdrawn from your course
  • You have chosen to defer for a year for any reason other than above
  • You have left University of your own volition for any other reason, including not attaining correct funding or loan, or suitable grades during the year
  • The University has removed the tenant from your course for any reason

Once a tenancy release decision has been made, this can be appealed and addressed to the General Manager of the residence who will then escalate in the organisation.

In circumstances where the medical letter is not deemed as satisfactory, tenancy release will not be granted.

If a Tenancy Release decision is made on behalf of the tenant, true will decide the end date of the tenancy. The tenant will be liable for any rent up to the Friday after the decision is made, even if you return the key and the room is vacated prior to the decision.

Can I get someone to take over my Tenancy?

If you want to be released from your tenancy agreement, licence agreement, or SAT (Scotland) and you do not meet the requirements of a tenancy release, it is your responsibility to find a replacement tenant. The replacement tenant must agree to the existing rent and term conditions of the existing tenant.

If you find a replacement, you will be released from your tenancy from the start date of the new tenancy, however you may be charged to the Friday nearest to this date. You will be responsible for paying a £100 administration fee, paid directly to true.  This fee covers the deep cleaning of the room in the period between you and your replacement, as well as the administration relating to issuing a new contract.

A tenancy takeover will be deemed complete to the point where a replacement is found when the following criteria are met:

  • The new tenant has paid  any current due rental charge, and this has been confirmed as received by true
  • The new tenant has signed their AST or Licence Agreement
  • The new tenant has confirmed receipt of keys
  • The new Tenant has moved into the building and completed an inventory form. true will not refund any advanced rent payment until all the above criteria are met.

This policy will be reviewed regularly as the situation surrounding Covid-19 develops. true reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this cancellation policy at any time.

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