Peace of mind for parents of university students

Starting at university will mean a new way of living for your son or daughter, and at true student, we strive to make this transition comfortable for the whole family.

We understand that for most of our guests, this will be their first time living away from home, and as parents, you will want to be involved in the process of choosing where your son or daughter will be living whilst they study. ​ To help the process, we are dedicated to providing you with as much information as you need about our university accommodation, helping you to feel happy and at ease with this big change in all of your lives. Whilst we want to help deliver the ultimate university experience for your son or daughter, supporting them to feel energised, connected and inspired, we also want to make sure you can relax, secure in the knowledge they are safe, happy and exceptionally well cared for.

Everything to keep them happy, safe & secure...

Why choose true Student?

At true student, we are committed to providing much more than just a great bedroom, and there's a huge range of spaces in which to study, exercise, relax and socialise as well. ​

We have always been committed to ensuring your son or daughter is safe whilst living with us, and now have a series of Covid-19 safety measures in place, along with a range of virtual and socially-distanced events so their university experience is compromised as little as possible.

Student Wellbeing & Mental Health

Student wellbeing is at the heart of what we do, and we're uniquely partnered with Dr Dominique Thompson, a former GP with over 20 years of clinical experience caring for students. 'Dr Dom' is now a Clinical Advisor to NICE, The Royal College of GPs and Student Minds, and is an award-winning and published author on young people's mental health, including 'Student Health & Wellbeing in Higher Education:A practical guide" and 'How to grow a grown up' - a useful book for parents raising a young person in the 21st century.

Dr Dom has provided our on-site teams with mental health training, private advice sessions for our guests and a series of blog articles to help further support our students including 'Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety' and 'How to do better in your Exams'.


Parents questions answered

How can I prepare my son/daughter for university?

Help your son/daughter pack for university with our easy packing checklist. This outlines all of the useful bits and bobs they will need to make their room feel like their home away from home. Rest assured that we provide complimentary contents insurance, find out more about what's covered.

We understand that your son/daughter may also feel nervous meeting new people, so we create a Facebook Group for each of our developments, so they can 'virtually' meet their new flatmates before arriving. We also provide regular events and updates on these groups throughout the academic year, helping to build the anticipation.​

Where can my son/daughter get additional bedding and kitchen items from?

Take the hassle out of buying and transporting your son/daughters bedding and kitchen items by preordering from our friends at UniKitOut. All you son/daughter needs to do is CLICK HERE, choose the items they want, select their residence, then confirm and pay for their goods. The pack will then be pre-delivered directly to your son/daughters residence so it is there ready and waiting for them when they arrive, leaving them to quickly settle into their new and exciting environment. 

Don’t forget to enter promotional code: TRUE10 to receive 10% off.  

Can I visit my son/daughter living at true?

Of course! We love having our guests’ friends and family come to visit us. At the moment, though, due to Covid-19 legislation, there are local restrictions on visiting other households so please check with our management team to check what's possible.​  

I'm worried about my son or daughter living away from home?

We pride ourselves on providing a safe and supportive environment for your son or daughter, and our teams are trained in first aid and mental health awareness, and actively encourage healthy lifestyles through our calendar of social events and activities. If you ever have concern for your child, we are here to listen and provide help in any way we can.​  

How can I get in touch if I'm concerned about my son or daughter?

We're always happy to pick up the phone and have a chat. If you have any concerns or questions about your son or daughter, you can always get in touch directly with the General Manager at their chosen accommodation – contact details can be provided by emailing us or calling on 0330 808 4416.  ​  

How can I keep up to date with what my son/daughter is up to?

Like us on Facebook or follow our Instagram to see all the latest photos and updates from life at true. It might be difficult getting much conversation out of your student, but this way you'll feel reassured that they're probably busy having a great time at all the events and activities going on at true!