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What Is Singles’ Day? A Celebration of Independence

Posted 10 Nov 2022
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Most of us have been there, Valentine’s Day rolls around and your feed is flooded with couples expressing their love, showing off thoughtful gifts and sharing snaps of their date night. This can make being single feel somewhat lonely, and the intense promotion of Valentine’s Day in shops and social media can create serious FOMO, presenting the question, “why isn’t there a day for us?”.

Well, there is! Despite the lack of promotion and widespread marketing efforts that we see for Valentine’s Day, there’s a day of equal importance for all the independent, self-loving singles out there – Singles’ Day!


The origins of Singles’ Day

Occurring every year on the 11th of November (or 11/11, see what they did there?), Singles’ Day celebrates independence and self-love. Originating in China at Nanjing University back in 1993, four single students decided they would create a day to celebrate themselves in a similar style to Valentine's Day.

Instead of relying on others to provide affectionate gestures, people celebrating the day would take themselves out on nice dates, buy their favourite food, gifts and do activities they love. This incredible show of self-love and independence has caused many people worldwide to celebrate Singles’ Day!


The importance of Singles’ Day

Social media has had a profound impact on our perception of what happiness looks like, often falling into the same tropes of being in a relationship with the love of your life and living in an unrealistic dream scenario, completely free of troubles.

These relationships that we see every day on social media, news sites and magazines will never paint the full picture of reality, while still leaving many people under the impression they need to conform to these idyllic perceptions of romance.

Keeping in line with the original intention of Singles’ Day, it’s important to remember that even though you may not have found the love of your life, you can still be happy and feel fulfilled. Singles’ Day reminds us that the one person who can control our happiness is ourselves and that practising self-care and celebrating our independence is key to self-love and enjoying your own company.


Things to do on Singles’ Day

With Singles’ Day around the corner and a newfound pride in your relationship status, it’s time to celebrate yourself and the single people close to you! You can go solo and enjoy your own company for the day, or buddy up with your single friends to celebrate together.

Inspired by the four students who created the day, here are some Singles’ Day activities to fuel your self-empowerment:

  • Take yourself shopping and make the most of those Singles’ Day deals
  • Go out for your favourite food
  • Take a wellness day or visit a spa
  • Treat yourself to that one thing you’ve had your eye on for ages
  • Grab a few cocktails and go for a night out with friends
  • Head to a Singles’ Day event

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Posted 10 Nov 2022