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Is Newcastle a Good Choice for Students?

Posted 13 Aug 2021

Renowned for being the friendliest city, Newcastle, or The Toon, is a vibrant city with an impressive student population of 42,000 - that’s 1 in every 6 people! Newcastle is not only a great choice for your academic studies for the excellent educational facilities but also a great choice as a city to live in. From bars and restaurants to sports teams and sightseeing, there’s plenty of things to do in Newcastle for students. 

Newcastle is renowned for many things that you’ll embrace from the moment you arrive here, including the quirky dialect with things such as ‘wey aye man’, ‘am clamming’ and ‘gannin yem’. We promise you’ll soon know what these mean and be using them in your everyday life. Students that love their food will also be right at home in Newcastle, with an abundance of restaurants and cafes where you can try the local delicacies, such as Slotties and Pan Haggerty. There are so many reasons why Newcastle is a great student city. 

Universities in Newcastle

The first thing you need to consider is your choice of university for your undergraduate studies. Luckily, Newcastle has two to choose from; the University of Newcastle which is a Russell Group university and has a rich history in medicine, or Northumbria University which offers 30 of the UK’s 32 most frequently chosen academic courses. Both universities are well equipped with libraries, lecture halls, gyms, study areas and more. Each university is well situated in the heart of the city, so there’s always plenty of things to do after a day of lectures. 

The Nightlife

We know for many people that when you think of university you think about the nightlife, and it goes without saying that partying is a huge part of what Newcastle has to offer. As well as students, every weekend you’ll find stags, hens and birthday parties flocking to the city, meaning you’ll always be in great company for some fun. 

If you enjoy a pub vibe this won’t go unmissed in Newcastle, with The Tyneside offering a great selection of pubs, as well as Osborne Road in Jesmond featuring a popular strip of bars and pubs for students. If nightclubs and raves are more your style, you’ll find these in abundance in the city centre, with House of Smith, Flares and Tup Tup Palace just a few that are not to be missed. 

There’s something on every night of the week in Newcastle for students, but two of our favourite nights are Monday’s at Digital with drink prices being crazy low, and Thursday’s at Soho Rooms with the infamous ‘blueberry treble’ and free entry. 

Live Music

For students who love music, Newcastle is a dream. You’ll be able to find live music across the city most nights of the week. With large venues such as Think Tank?, O2 Academy and Riverside Newcastle all showcasing some of the largest names in the music industry. Whilst intimate venues across the city will introduce you to up and coming talent and local bands. No matter your preference for live music, you’ll find it in Newcastle.

Every year you can find This is Tomorrow music festival at Exhibition Park in Newcastle. With three days of live music from some of the biggest names in the industry, this is one that many students flock to every year, and it’s easy to see why.  

Discover the Culture

There’s much more to Newcastle than the nightlife and music. As a student, you’ll never be short of things to do in Newcastle, with art galleries and museums such as the Baltic Centre and Life Science Centre. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’re within easy reach of Hadrian’s Wall to explore or one of the many beaches around Newcastle. You can also discover Newcastle’s rich history with the Quayside telling its own story and boasting a total of seven bridges. 

Life After University

Not only is Newcastle a great city to settle for your studies, but it is also a great place to be located when you graduate. Known as being the business and social hub of the North East, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to make connections with businesses during your time there and be in a great place to secure a post-graduate job. Newcastle has jobs in almost every sector, with both the industrial and financial sectors being popular, alongside shipbuilding thanks to Newcastle’s situation on the River Tyne. 

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Posted 13 Aug 2021