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Top 8 Reasons to Study in Newcastle

Posted 1 Apr 2021

Home to the Geordies who are renowned as one of the friendliest groups of people in the UK, Newcastle is one of the most welcoming cities in the north. Whether you’re thinking of moving to Newcastle to study from down south, across the way in Wales or coming from overseas, you’re sure to be welcomed with open arms and feel right at home here in the Toon. 

Newcastle boasts two universities right in the heart of the city. Dating back to 1834, the University of Newcastle is ranked number 23 out of 130 in the whole of the UK in The Complete University Guide and is the city’s Russell Group university. The second university in the city is Northumbria University, which also ranks an impressive 52 in The Complete University Guide or in the top 30 according to The Guardian

We’re sure you’ve done your homework on these north east universities and the courses they offer, however, we’ve got you covered as to why you should choose Newcastle as a city to study in the UK: 

1. The Geordie Welcome

As mentioned, the Geordie welcome is like no other. Although it might take you a while to get used to the accent and what people mean when they’re saying things like: ‘wey aye man’ (yes), ‘gannin yem’ (going home) or ‘am clamming’ (I’m so hungry), we promise you it’s all likely to be friendly and you’ll pick up the lingo in no time. But don’t just take our word for it. In 2019, Newcastle was voted ‘The Friendliest City in the UK’.

2. Location, Location, Location 

Newcastle really gives you the best of both worlds and at true Newcastle you’ll be right in the heart of the city with shops, bars and activities right on your doorstep. Besides the city attractions you’d expect, you’re just a short metro ride away from a number of beaches, such as Longsands Beach, aptly named for its mile-long golden stretch of sand and the perfect spot to soak in some sun in the summer months; for a breakdown of all the north east beaches check out our blog post here. With ample space, you’ll often find groups enjoying sports games and a few drinks on the beach. 

Explore a little further out and you’ll find Newcastle is the ideal place to reach the rolling hills of Northumberland and enjoy a hike around the scenic countryside, great for getting out of the busy city and enjoying a little bit of peace. Northumberland is also home to part of Hadrian’s Wall, an impressive part of British history dating back to AD 122. Hadrian’s Wall was built by the Romans spanning over 80 miles, much of which still stands today and can be explored by visitors. 

3. For the Foodies

On every corner in Newcastle you’ll find eateries to indulge at, whether you enjoy an Italian, hearty roast or simple pub grub, there will be something to satisfy everyone. But don’t miss out on Newcastle’s speciality dishes! Probably the most famous in Newcastle is stotties (or stotty), a flat round loaf with a soft texture, best enjoyed fresh from a bakery with a filling of your choice. The name comes from the Geordie phrase ‘to stott’ which simply means to bounce, a texture which the loaf should have. 

4. Architecture 

Newcastle’s architecture is nothing short of breathtaking and the beautiful buildings across the city can be enjoyed by any eye. Grey Street, located in the south of the city, was voted the most beautiful and best designed by Radio 4’s listeners, and if you take a walk down this street it’s not hard to see why! Much of the city boasts listed buildings, meaning they still retain their original characteristics and keep the city looking individual and inviting. 

5. Landmarks 

Undoubtedly the most iconic landmark in Newcastle, the Angel of the North, is well known globally and comes in as one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world! Installed in 1998, the 20m high Angel of the North overlooks the city from its hilltop location close to the A1. The Millennium Bridge is also a notable landmark in Newcastle. As one of seven bridges that spans the river near Tyne around Newcastle, the Millennium Bridge is the most eye-catching. As both a cycle and foot bridge, the Millennium Bridge also lifts up to allow passing ships through and spans from Gateshead on the south bank to Quayside on the north bank. 

6. Sports Fans

Whether you’re a keen runner, footballer, swimmer or anything in between, Newcastle is the home to many sports clubs and sporting events for you to enjoy and get involved with. Every September you can get involved with the Great North Run, either taking part yourself or spectating from the sidelines. This is the World’s largest half marathon and starts in Newcastle, passes over the Tyne Bridge into Gateshead and finishes off in South Shields. Newcastle is also home to ‘the Magpies’ also known as Newcastle United Football Club and can be seen at home in St James’ Park. 

7. Cities Music Scene 

Newcastle also makes for a great place to enjoy live music. With the likes of the O2 Academy hosting large names to the Think Tank?, an independent venue that started out as a platform for up and coming local talent and now hosts some of the biggest names in the music scene. You can also enjoy a more chilled out music scene with the likes of The Tyne Bar on the River Tyne hosting live music nights every week, and Filthy’s in the city centre also hosting live music every night. 

8. Last But Not Least: The Nightlife

We know this is the one you’re most interested in and we can guarantee the nightlife in Newcastle won’t let you down! Whether your perfect Saturday is finding hidden, quirky pubs to try out, getting the girls together and working your way through an impressive cocktail list, or dancing the night away in a nightclub with shots, you’re bound to find the perfect bars, pubs and nightclubs in Newcastle. From the infamous Osborne Road in Jesmond, full of bars with plenty of outside seating for the summer months, to large nightclubs in the centre such as House of Smith with parties and music until the early hours. What’s more, with independent breweries throughout the city, you’re sure to find some great beers and ciders you’ve never seen before, right from the source. What could be better? 

Stay at true Newcastle

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Posted 1 Apr 2021