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Swansea’s Guide to Medicine Clearing

Posted 29 Jul 2022

When it comes to results day the word ‘Clearing’ can often instil a feeling of panic. You wanted to study medicine, but you haven’t quite got the results you needed to, and your first choice university doesn’t have a space on the course. It can be daunting and confusing, but we’re here to assure you there are options.

We know it’s easy to say don’t panic, you’ve spent years working hard so that you can go to university and follow your dreams of studying medicine, but there are different ways of getting there. It might not seem like it right now, but missing out on undergraduate medicine is not the end of the world. There are plenty of options available to you. But what are these options, does medicine have a clearing, and what do I need to do to apply through clearing? Here is Swansea’s guide to medicine clearing, and what to do if you find yourself in it.

Can I apply for medicine through Clearing?

Although it’s possible to find a place at medical school through clearing, it can be rare for spaces to become available due to fierce competition.

What do I do if I can’t find a place through Clearing? 

There are other paths to get you to where you want to be. Look at your Science A Levels and choose a subject area that interests you and will move you toward your goal of studying Medicine. At Swansea there are a number of degrees that will help feed your passion for science.

What course will I need to take to secure a place into Graduate Entry Medicine?

Luckily, Swansea University has dedicated Pathways to Medicine degrees and students from these Pathways are guaranteed an interview for Graduate Entry Medicine if they achieve the minimum entry requirements! Students who choose a Pathway to Medicine benefit from bespoke modules, health or related observations and specialist preparation for applications to Graduate Entry Medicine. In studying one of these pathway courses, you’ll be gaining a solid science degree from a leading UK Medical School.

What courses are Pathway courses?

Applied Medical Sciences, Medical Biochemistry, Medical Genetics, Medical Pharmacology and Population Health and Medical Sciences are all Pathway courses at Swansea University.

What do I need to achieve in the Pathway course? 

You will need to achieve an overall 60% average in Year 1 of your studies to be eligible for the Pathways Module in Year 2 which covers Doctors, Patients and the Goals of Medicine. Once on the Year 2 course, you need to then achieve 60% in this module.


It might feel like the end of the world right now, but stay positive! The path to becoming a doctor is not a smooth one, and determination will certainly be needed along the way. If you do need to study a pathway course, look on the positive side – this will help to expand your knowledge and experience! 

Posted 29 Jul 2022