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8 Must-Visit Sightseeing Spots in Swansea

Posted 4 Dec 2020

Swansea is Wales’ waterfront city with plenty to see and enjoy for students new to the area. If you’re new to Swansea, here’s your guide to some of the top Insta-worthy spots that you just have to visit! We’ve got your feed covered with some pretty amazing attractions that’ll let everyone back home know you’re taking in all the sights that Swansea has to offer.

If you’ve just joined us at our student accommodation in Swansea, you’ll be eager to get out and start exploring the city. In our ‘things to do in Swansea’ blog series, we’ve scoured for the hottest spots in the area so you can start your new journey in style, and document it too!

Is there a better way to break the ice with your housemates than exploring your new hometown together and snapping some photos to capture the memories? We don’t think so. Here are the best sightseeing spots in Swansea...

8 Must-See Spots in Swansea 

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Swansea Bay Beach - SA2 0AY

You don’t have to venture far from the city centre to reach Swansea Bay beach, the perfect spot for a beach day with friends or for something a little more extreme. Swansea Bay beach is a watersports centre of excellence, with plenty to offer those thrillseekers looking to take up a new hobby while in the city.

The wide sandy beach also makes for the perfect spot for a walk or morning run. 

VisitSwansea Bay Beach

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Swansea Marina - SA1 1WG

You can’t come to a waterfront city without visiting the marina, and Swansea marina is great to visit day or night. Take in the views of all the little boats moored up in the marina during the day. Alternatively, you can visit at night for the vibrant nightlife and fantastic views of the building lights reflecting into the water. Perfect!

Visit: Swansea Marina

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Clyne Gardens - SA3 5BA

If you’re looking for a little downtime and somewhere for a breath of fresh air, Swansea has 5 green flag parks. This includes Clyne Gardens, which isn’t too far from Swansea University. With its dramatic array of flowers, it’s the perfect spot for vibrant Insta backgrounds (the park features over 2,000 different plants) as well as a Japanese pond, a gazebo and a tower.

In a rather macabre, or sweet twist depending on how you view it, the Admiral who is credited with creating the park also has a small graveyard to his family pets. You’ll find a number of grave stones dedicated to his small dogs.

View: Clyne Gardens

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Dylan Thomas Birthplace - SA2 0RA

Go back in time and visit the birthplace of the late Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Particularly well known for his poems and prose about sadness and pity that were still able to convey a lively exuberance to them.

Experience the ultimate Edwardian style experience with a visit, dining experience or overnight stay in the late Welsh poet’s house. Share the experience with your friends, snap the perfect selfie or vlog your experience in the house.

Your photo captions will even write themselves. Pick up some of his most famous lines such as “Though lovers be lost love shall not.” and “I've just had eighteen straight whiskies. I think that's the record.” We feel ya, Tommo.

View: Dylan Thomas Birthplace

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Swansea Market - SA1 3PQ

If you’re new to Wales, the Swansea Market is the perfect place to experience Welsh culture right before your eyes, and nose! Let the smell of welsh cakes, cockles, laverbread and bara brith guide you through - a true testament to the friendly and welcoming nature of the local people.

Making its mark in 1100, this small flea market has lived through everything! It was a Victorian market between 1890 and 1941, a wartime market between 1941-1961, and of course, the modern market it is today.

If you’re looking for gifts, clothing, tools, fresh fruit and vegetables, jewellery, or just fancy a bite to eat, the Swansea Market is definitely worth a stop on your list.

View: Swansea Market

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Quadrant Shopping Centre - SA1 3QW

The Quadrant shopping centre, Swansea’s main shopping centre. Perfect for a rainy day to keep warm and dry and fill your time with a bit of shopping.

With all the shops you’d expect from a shopping centre - JD, Debenhams, Boots, Schuh, WHSmith, Superdry and so much more - the Quadrant shopping centre in Swansea makes for a great day out.

With all the shops in close proximity to each other, you can effortlessly walk between your favourite shops and snag the best deals, before relaxing with a well-earned latte afterwards.

View: Quadrant Shopping Centre

© Copyright Bambu Beach Bar

Bambu Beach Bar - SA1 1EJ

Looking for the hottest club in Swansea? Look no further than the ultimate party destination, Bambu Beach Bar. With a Latin Tiki interior and feel-good vibes on constant supply, Bambu is the perfect place to get to know your new housemates the best way we all know how, partying!

Head straight to paradise with exotic tropical cocktails, try the ominous ‘Zombie’ and ‘Nuclear Palm Tree’ or stick to the classics with Pina Coladas and Long Island Iced Tea.

Make your friends jealous with some totally kick-ass selfies, spam your Snapchat story with beautiful drinks, live bands, private karaoke and cocktail masterclasses.

Bambu Beach Bar is currently undergoing an exciting renovation so is temporarily closed, however is looking to reopen soon. You can keep up-to-date with their reopening via social media. Get ready to dance the night away in true Latin Tiki fashion!

View: Bambu Beach Bar

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Mumbles - SA3 4 EN

Just outside of Swansea is the picturesque seaside town of Mumbles. With over 120 shops and the famous Mumbles pier. It’s the perfect spot for budding Instagram foodies or lovers of ice cream, boasting ‘world-class’ ice cream. 

If you catch the tide right, you can walk along the beach at Swansea bay to Mumbles which will take around an hour. Who doesn’t love a trip to the seaside on their day off? Mumbles marks the start of the Gower Peninsula, the UK’s first designated area of natural beauty. So there is plenty to explore in the area which will ‘wow’ those back home. 

Visit: Mumbles

There is plenty to discover during your time in Swansea from renowned natural beauty just outside the city, to everything this picturesque waterfront city has to offer. true Swansea gives you the perfect base to discover all that Swansea has to offer.

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Posted 4 Dec 2020