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Reasons to join a sport or society at uni

Posted 9 Mar 2021
By Niamh Wilgar, Student Ambassador

Ever wondered what it's really like to join a sport or society at uni? Well, now you don't have to! Our true Swansea Student Ambassador, Niamh Wilgar, is currently studying Business Management with Analytics at Swansea University. Much of her spare time is taken up swimming, with her decision to join the swimming society one of her "best moves yet!" She's here to tell you how joining a society whilst at university could change your life and open up many new opportunities for you. 

Take it away, Niamh...

When attending university, not only are you studying your chosen course, but you are also there to learn how to be independent and make the most of your last few years of considerable freedom! Joining a sport or society is one of the best ways to make the most out of your university experience before it's all over.  A great way to make the most of your experience and really find your feet is by joining a sport or society.  Here are some reasons why:

Being part of a society means you’ll meet like-minded people

If you’re eager to put yourself out there and make new friends, the social aspect of joining a society is one of the more obvious reasons to join.

When or if you decide to join a particular sport or society, the chances are you are going to meet a group of people like you in one way or another. I mean, the fact that you chose to attend the same society at the very same university is already something in common! Now, not every society is going to be for you. You may not be the loud rugby geezer or a competitive soul, but there are so many societies available to students these days that there is bound to be one that is perfect for you. Hundreds of people are a part of the many sports and societies which universities offer, meaning you really would not struggle to meet a group of people who you could easily get along with!

If you’re simply looking for a good group of people to spend Wednesday night socials with, there will be several people signing up for the same reason as you. And if you do not have any experience in a particular realm, this doesn’t matter either. The point is societies are a light-hearted addition to your university life and just a bit of fun! Although, if you do want to be on top of your game and compete nationally in your sport or society, there will be many opportunities available both within the university and beyond.  

Being part of a society enhances your professional portfolio

Joining a society displays personal skills such as being a team player, managing your time and having interests and passions beyond the norm. All of these look great on your CV for future employers as they demonstrate that you have a drive to engage with new people. Having a certain level of social intelligence is important for being able to communicate and work collaboratively in the workplace.

Being a part of a society, alongside completing university work, also displays good time management skills as it shows that you can attain good grades while partaking in your society, which can involve a considerable number of nights out (trust me). But to your employer, you're doing it all and able to balance commitments well! 

Some societies may be linked to your course or career aspirations and will present opportunities for you to boost your employability. From building an F1 car to being a part of the debate team, there are some very attractive extracurricular opportunities which can look rather shiny on your resume.

Being part of a society includes fun socials!

Sports and societies usually have regular socials which can be themed and are usually a lot of laughs. Now, you may have heard of the culture concerned with team initiations or ‘welcome drinks’ where students are encouraged to engage in some questionable activities, but the challenges are usually fairly mild these days and the themes can be really fun to dress up for.

Many universities have a ‘Varsity’ which is a day in the year where two rivalling universities essentially have a huge sports day and students gather to support their beloved uni. The day usually starts with a light beverage and whether you win or lose, an unreal night out is always on the cards. Some may say it is the best day of the year, so it is definitely something to get involved in.

Some societies will even do trips or ‘tour’ which is a chance to go on holiday with your mates! Of course, not everyone chooses to drink alcohol, so societies do offer dry socials which provide better opportunities to get to know people.

Being part of a society can improve your mental well-being

There is no doubt that university life can be stressful, especially on the run up to exams and deadlines. Therefore, it's important that you take care of your mental health and introduce a bit of balance to your life. 

By joining a sport, not only can it give you a break from your studies, exercising literally makes your body release happy hormones and endorphins. Releasing such hormones will work as a stress release and improve your general mood and comfortability in every day life. You'll notice this in various ways - from having a better night sleep to being more productive with your time. All this from having a bit of a break from your work! 

Not only can sports lift your mood, but attending your sport or society allows you to interact with a different group of people. You'll already spend a lot of time with your flatmates and coursemates, so it's definitely worth joining just to mix with other people and make new friends. 

Hope you enjoyed reading and are feeling inspired to join a society or sport that works for you!



Posted 9 Mar 2021
By Niamh Wilgar, Student Ambassador