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Top 5 Must Visit Liverpool Sightseeing Spots

Posted 15 Feb 2021

If you’re planning to embark on uni life in Merseyside for the 21/22 academic year, we’ve got you covered with our list of the top 5 Liverpool sightseeing spots.

Okay, we all can admit that we’d much rather be dancing and singing our hearts out on a Scouse night out, but as clubs and pubs are temporarily closed, it’s worth checking out some of the inexpensive sightseeing gems Liverpool has to offer:

1. Crosby Beach 

Only 5 miles from the city and easily accessible via train or bus, Crosby Beach is a must-see stop on your tour of Liverpool. Although it may be hard to imagine being on a beach during the snowy month of February, we are not far from Spring and therefore nicer weather (hopefully). 

Granted, you won’t be catching a tan when you visit Crosby Beach but there is the Antony Gormley installation - 'Another Place.' This consists of 100 life-size cast-iron replicas of the artist's body positioned along 3km of beach and stretching out to sea - certainly a welcome addition to your Instagram feed!

 2. Sefton Park

We’ve all come to appreciate the beauty of nature thanks to nice walks becoming our daily highlight over the last year, but Sefton Park really takes your exercise time to the next level. This grade 1 historic park boasts caves, waterfalls, statues and so much more. 

Again, you can easily reach Sefton Park by public transport and once the daffodils and other beautiful flowers begin to bloom, this sightseeing spot will certainly put a ‘spring’ in your step.

3. The Royal Albert Dock 

Revolutionary for its time and not to be confused with the one in London, the Royal Albert Dock must be on your Liverpool bucket list. It’s enriched in history, from serving as a base for boats during WW2 to being the first non-combustible warehouse system in the world.

With an array of attractions to choose, from museums and restaurants to art galleries, as well as being the most visited multi-use UK attraction outside London, you kinda have to go, right?

4. Liverpool Cathedral

As the biggest Cathedral in Britain and the 5th largest across Europe, the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is a stunning piece of architectural history. Constructed between 1908 and 1978, this religious monument also holds the title of being the longest Cathedral in the world.

With a lot of beauty inside, the Liverpool Cathedral also features remarkable views from the outside. From stained glass to the impressive 331m height, if you time your visit right you may hear the ringing of the bells - the highest and heaviest ring peals in the world, FYI...

5. Anfield Stadium 

With a deep history that has recently been added to (the first league one division win in 30 years, anyone?) and as the 7th largest football stadium in England, Anfield football stadium, home to Liverpool F.C, hosts a number of features that can be appreciated externally, aka without the price-tag. 

Bronze statues and famous gates dedicated to former Liverpool managers alongside memorials, such as the bust of former Lord Mayor of Liverpool, John Houlding, and of course the Hillsborough memorial and infamous eternal flame. It is fair to say that this sport’s stadium represents more than just football - unless you’re a United fan perhaps…

Posted 15 Feb 2021