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Is Leicester Good for Students?

Posted 16 Feb 2024
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Low living costs, great transport links and renowned universities are just some of the reasons that over 30,000 students choose to study in Leicester. In this blog, we’ve listed 12 reasons why the city is so good for students.

1. Award-winning universities

Leicester has two prestigious universities for students to choose from. The University of Leicester is renowned for its famous research studies, known to have worldwide impact. The city is also home to De Montfort University, which is commended for being one of the leading universities for art and design in the UK.

2. Safety first

Leicester is considered a safe place to live for students, with a relatively low crime rate. Both of the universities have security measures in place, as do most student accommodation facilities including true student Leicester which has a 24/7 concierge. At each of our locations support is available at all times.

3. Low cost of living

No matter where you choose to live, it’s a good idea to budget, especially when your student loan comes in. However, Leicester is cheaper than many other cities in the UK, especially London. With a high student population, many shops and restaurants offer student discount - so do keep an eye out.

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4. Job offering

Line your pocket a little more by getting a part time job alongside your studies. This can help to fill your spare time, as well as giving you important skills to take forward into life after university. Leicester has a thriving job market, with many retail and hospitality opportunities to choose from.

5. Nightlife

You can’t live in Leicester without experiencing a student night out! For freshers and beyond, there’s a range of clubs to dance the night away in. For more chilled-out vibes, the city is home to a selection of cocktail bars and pubs. Choosing student accommodation in the city centre like true student Leicester means that you’re close to the best venues.

6. Transport links

Leicester is one of the most well-connected cities in the UK, making it the perfect hub for adventures or visiting family. The city is close to major motorways M1 and M69, so if one route is experiencing road works, other options are available. If you’re travelling via train, you can get to London in around an hour, with Manchester and Leeds reachable in around two hours. East Midlands Airport is also close by for weekend getaways!

Three female students cheers glasses of champagne over an Asian meal in a restaurant

7. Food

Living in Leicester gives you the perfect opportunity to try the famous cuisine: Stilton cheese, Red Leicester cheese and pork pies! These essentials can be picked up from deli shops and cafes across the city. In addition to this, Leicester has a selection of Caribbean, Asian, Italian and Indian cuisine to choose from.

 8. Shops

Looking for somewhere to spend your student discount? Leicester is home to shopping centres like Highcross, which has more than 80 big-name-brand shops. For independent or thrifty shops, head to The Lanes, a series of historic cobbled streets lined with beautiful boutiques.

9. History

As one of the oldest cities in England, Leicester has plenty to discover between your studies. Most famous is Leicester Cathedral, where you can see the tomb of King Richard III. Many of the museums in the city like Leicester Guildhall are free to visit, which can help you to hold on to your student savings whilst learning new things.

Leicester Cathedral with blue sky and clouds in background

10. Sports

The biggest talking point in Leicester is sports. With football team Leicester City, rugby union’s Leicester Tigers, Leicester City Hockey Club and Leicestershire County Cricket Club, there’s something for every sports fan. For a unique hobby to try yourself, try one of the city’s bouldering hotspots like Social Climbing.

11. The science

Whether you’re a budding scientist or just looking to learn something new, the National Space Centre is worth a visit. This venue makes Leicester the UK’s space city, and it even has a research programme in partnership with the University of Leicester. A trip here will leave you inspired to make out of this world achievements.

12. Diversity

Leicester is renowned for its multiculturalism and diversity, with over 70 different languages spoken in the city. Living here, you can celebrate the different festivals in the town, such as the Diwali celebrations - the largest outside of India. These take place at the Golden Mile, where you can explore the dazzling shops and cuisine all year round.

We hope that we’ve convinced you that Leicester is a good city for students! Our brand-new luxury student accommodation is in the beating heart of the city centre, giving you access to all the local amenities. With bills included, high-end rooms and even an onsite gym, we’re the perfect place for your student journey. Book your place today: true student Leicester

Posted 16 Feb 2024