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Fun things to do in Swansea this Summer

Posted 9 Jul 2021

If you choose to study in Swansea, there’s a whole host of activities across the city that you can get involved with - much more than just the usual drinking you’d expect with uni life, although that is pretty great here too. Below we’ve pulled out some of our favourites for a fun-filled day in Swansea this summer. 

The Mumbles

Swansea is well-known for being the birthplace of poet Dylan Thomas, with his home place being the Mumbles. Not only can you explore the area Dylan Thomas grew up, but the Mumbles is also a great place to visit in its own right. The famous Victorian pier is home to stunning views across the bay and there’s also a lighthouse to visit, first built in 1794. A visit to the Mumbles provides a full day of activities with plenty of independent shops and restaurants to discover, as well as Oystermouth Castle which sits in the hills overlooking the bay and boasts features that date back to the 14th century. 

A day at the beach

Swansea is home to several stunning beaches where you can kick back and relax, enjoy a walk, play sport or even brave a dip. Swansea beach itself is a long sandy beach and is a great place to try your hand at surfing or paddleboarding, a great afternoon activity or a chance to get into a new sport to perfect over your time at university. 

Other beaches that surround Swansea include Oxwich Bay, Llangennith Beach, Pobbles Beach, Brandy Cove, Horton Beach, Limeslade Bay and Rhossili Bay which was also named the 10th best beach in the world by Suitcase Magazine. Why not take the challenge to visit all these beaches whilst in Swansea this summer and choose your favourite. 

The Gower Peninsula

The Mumbles forms the gateway to the Gower Peninsula which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and primarily made of limestone. There’s something for everyone at the Gower Peninsula, from the impressive wildlife and birds for nature lovers, to the vast beaches to explore for walkers and beach lovers. Activities such as water skiing, abseiling, wakeboarding and more are all on offer. Visiting the Gower Peninsula in Swansea is the ultimate outdoor day this summer. 

Take to the skies

If you’re a true adrenaline junkie then you don’t want to miss Skydive Swansea. Not only will this give you an adrenaline boost and memory that will stay with you forever, but it will also provide unrivalled views of Swansea that you just can’t get anywhere else. Skydive Swansea prides itself on the views you gain over Swansea, Wales and of course the impressive coastline here when you jump from up to 12,000ft. 

Browse the market

Swansea indoor market is open Monday to Saturday with over 100 stalls to browse, including everything from fresh fruit and veg to independent handmade jewellery stalls. The market is located on Oxford Street and has roots right back to the 14th century, when Vikings sold crops, livestock, crafts and more in the city. However, it didn’t move to its current location until 1961. 

A visit to Swansea market is a must when you go to uni here in Swansea, it’s great for picking up some bargains, discovering more about the heritage of the city and just having a browse. 

Liberty Stadium

If you’re a sports fan, don’t miss the chance to watch the Swans (Swansea City Football Club) at Liberty Stadium this summer. Or if rugby is more your thing, you can watch the Ospreys here too. Liberty stadium also hosts non-sporting events throughout the year, such as live music. What’s more, for those that are really committed you can book a stadium tour, gain access to all areas and follow in the footsteps of some of the biggest names in sport. 

Discover a history of castles

Swansea is steeped in history and has a host of castles to discover. Whether you’re a history lover or just admire the impressive architecture, these castles will provide days of fun in Swansea this summer. 

Swansea Castle

Dating back to the 13th century, Swansea Castle has survived a series of attacks over the years such as sieges and rebellions. Swansea Castle is also of interest to ghost hunters, with many claiming the castle is haunted by a mysterious woman in blue. You can visit the exterior grounds of Swansea Castle free of charge throughout the year. 

Pennard Castle

The remains of Pennard Castle can be found on the edge of the valley of the Pennard Pill and has views out over Three Cliffs Bay. The area is great to enjoy a walk with scenic views and explore the ruins whilst you’re there. Pennard Castle has been abandoned since the late 14th century due to sand encroachment. 

Oxwich Castle

On a hilltop overlooking Oxwich village, Oxwich Castle has been there since Tudor times but isn’t strictly a castle, rather more of an impressive stately home. You can visit the ‘castle’, built by an ambitious father and son, and spend the day exploring the ruins that remain and learning about the history behind the building and the family that lived here. 

Loughor Castle

Located on the mouth of the estuary of the River Loughor, Loughor Castle dates back to the 12th century, however, only the tower from the 13th century remains. Loughor Castle is open and free to visit and you’ll soon see why this castle was placed here, with the strategic advantage clear. 

Enjoy a drink on Swansea Wind Street

Wind Street in Swansea is renowned for its lively nightlife and wide range of bars and restaurants. With everything covered from high-class cocktail bars to classic Italian restaurants, you can have a fun-filled day and night here on Wind Street. 

This year, large transformations have taken place on Wind Street so there are more eateries and coffee shops for daytime visits, as well as the entire street being more accessible for pedestrians. You’ll also find many bars have been revamped and old bars that were empty are now reopening, so there’s more choice than ever before. 

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Posted 9 Jul 2021