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Explore Our Top 5 Remote Study Locations in Manchester

Posted 1 Apr 2022

Whether we like it or not, dissertation and exam season is upon us! The academic year is coming to an end, and it’s time to make the hard work count. Finding a calm place to concentrate and be productive can be an achievement in itself, especially if the walls of the university library or your accommodation are looking a bit too familiar.

So, whether you’re getting ready to submit your dissertation or revising ahead of end of year exams, we’re sharing our 5 favourite remote study locations, so you can find a little peace of mind.

1.       North Tea Power, Tib Street

A popular choice with students, North Tea Power in the Northern Quarter has everything you need to smash those last-minute cramming sessions – great coffee, loose leaf teas and a relaxed atmosphere. With individual revision spots and larger spaces for group projects, there’s an area for every type of study session.

Why we love it

We love great coffee in a relaxing atmosphere, and North Tea Power has these in abundance. The service is second to none, which is brilliant when you want to get your head down and into your work.

2.       Central Library, St Peters Square

Requiring silence? Look no further than Central Library. An obvious choice for those who see their focus thrive in quiet places, bask in the silence of the beautiful reading room on the first floor. Why not appreciate the incredible architecture and book collection on your study break?

Why we love it

When you require little to no distraction to focus, the reading room is a favourite spot to maximise productivity. As well as that, the building is stunning and dramatic. It really is a sight to behold, and a must-visit in Manchester before you graduate.

3.       TAKK, Tariff Street

With Scandinavian influence clear to see, TAKK is a must-visit for coffee lovers across Manchester. Whilst it has 3 separate locations, we love the coffee house and brunch kitchen on Tariff Street. The individual tables offer the perfect study space for you to revise, whilst sipping on delicious coffee sourced from Finca Miravalle in El Salvador.

Why we love it

If great coffee gets you working at your best, you’ll love the co-working space on offer at TAKK. During the week you’ll find a flurry of solo workers within, and a workspace almost designed to get you working at your best.

4.       Oppidan Social, Edge Street

Need a little extra motivation to get your brain moving? Head over to Oppidan Social on Edge Street in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Simply pay 8p per minute you’re there, with your time capped at 4 hours.

Why we love it

The motivation of paying for time is a great motivator, and we love the ‘Help Yourself’ mantra to unlimited tea and coffee! The WiFi is fast and reliable, and there’s flexibility to bring your own food, or enjoy what the kitchen has to offer with breakfasts, lunches and sweet treats.

5.       Home, Tony Wilson Place

If you’re looking to get into the hustle and bustle to find focus, check out Home on First Street. The ground floor café bar enjoys a steady stream of custom, and the full-length glass windows create a light and bright working space that feels both lively and productive.

Why we love it

Home offers an immediate contrast to quiet working spaces, and with a huge range of events across cinema, theatre and art, there’s an excitement atmosphere to get your creative juices flowing.

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Posted 1 Apr 2022