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10 Ways to Make Your Student Accommodation Feel Like Home

Posted 16 Nov 2023

Everyone needs some home comforts from time to time. Your student bedroom doesn’t need to look like home to feel like it - warm, welcoming and cosy spaces are key. Whether you’re moving into new student accommodation or just looking to give your student bedroom a refresh, this blog is for you. Read on as we share 10 ways to make your true student accommodation feel like home.

1. Cosy colours

The right colour palette can make your student accommodation warm and welcoming. Interior designer Amanda Barnes said, “Tying in colours that bring warmth into our everyday spaces, like yellow, orange, and red, act similarly to the way the sun heats up a room. On a colour wheel, these shades pull out the most energy, or highest temperature.” Bring these colours into your uni room decoration through furniture, soft furnishings, and small décor pieces.

Woman holds pile of black, pink and white knitted wool blankets

2. Soft textures

Cushions and blankets should be among your uni room essentials. These can add extra comfort to your space, perfect for lounging on during the day or to help with a good night’s sleep. Bring your favourite pillow or blanket from home or treat yourself to some brand-new soft furnishings. Opt for chunky knitted blankets and faux fur cushions for the perfect additions to your student accommodation.

Potted indoor cactus plants above and in front of a radiator

3. Plant life

Go green with your uni room essentials. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, house plants can improve your mood, reduce stress levels and increase your productivity. With this in mind, they can be an important part of your student bedroom or space. Turn your student accommodation into an oasis of life with low-maintenance succulent plants. Or if you feel like becoming quite the green-thumb, try a bonsai tree for added zen-points.

Laptop, mouse mat, candle and plant on a wooden desk

4. Clear study space

It’s crucial for your student accommodation to feel relaxing, even when studying. To create a productive environment in your uni room, ensure you have an adequate uncluttered workspace with plenty of plug sockets to charge your phone and laptop. Each of our bedrooms at true student come with a large desk area for you to study. We believe that the key to success in your degree comes from having a productive and comfortable study environment, so along with our individual desks in rooms, we also provide a quiet but collaborative study environment in our first-class student accommodation.

Student bedroom: white duvet with patterned cushions and lamp on wooden bedside table

5. Lighting

Why not go the extra step and add some soft lighting to make your student accommodation feel cosier? Mood lamps, fairy lights or bedside lights are among some of the best options. Fairy lights are especially popular in student bedrooms as they can instantly brighten your mood. You can often purchase these cheaply and they are easy to drape over your desk, around your bed or on your shelves.

Orange and green sofa cushions on a green fabric sofa. One of the cushions has cactus plants on it.

6. Comfy bedding

As a student, the more sleep you can get, the better. At true student we provide comfy mattresses to ensure you get the best possible night’s sleep. Ensure the bedsheets and covers you pack are right for you and match with the theme of your room. Scatter cushions, blankets and even your favourite soft toy can help to create a soft space to drift off.

A pile of postcards from around the world

7. Wall art

Every empty wall is a canvas for creativity. Got a favourite band, artist or photographer? Fill the walls with posters to transform your space into an expression of your personality, making you feel comfortable and cosy as soon as you step into your student accommodation. Alternatively, choose postcards and pictures of your friends and family, to create a memory memento. All our true student accommodation rooms come with a pinboard for you to attach as many of your favourite posters, postcards or pictures to!

Diffuser, laptop, mug and plant on a wooden desk

8. Scentscaping

On your next visit home, take note of the diffusers and scents of the house. This is because, according to experts, smell and emotions are stored as the same memory. For example if a smell makes you feel relaxed, it’s likely you’ll always associate it with feeling this way. So, by bringing a smell that reminds you of home into your university accommodation, you’ll likely feel as you do at home – welcomed and comfortable.

Stack of books including 'Stop Acting Like You're Going to Live Forever', 'The 5am Club' and 'The Courage to be Disliked'

9. Books

Curling up with a book is one of the best ways to spend a cosy day. You may be reading many books as part of your university schedule, but it’s important to make time to read your own choices too. Having your favourite book from home on hand can give you access to it whenever you need some escapism. It can also help to keep a book stack full of unread novels, ready for when you have a quiet moment.

Close up of bed with soft toy rabbit and beige cushions

10. Home comforts

The best way to make your university accommodation feel like home? Bring home to you! Whether it's your favourite picture frame of you and your best friend or a teddy bear you've had since you were young, make sure you have it with you. There can be moments when you need a reminder of your friends and family or a cuddle from your life-long teddy bear, especially when you're far away from home. Taking a little reminder of what makes you feel happy and content to university is really important to help you adjust to your new life.


We hope our tips have left you prepared to make your student accommodation feel like home. If you’re on the lookout for luxury student accommodation, browse our website today: true student

Posted 16 Nov 2023