Why is this being done on a weekend?

We have agreed a date with Western Power and the main contractors/key suppliers to ensure it is least disruptive to University studies and online lectures. It allows those that wish and able to go out for the day, stay with friends or family. We have started works at 9am to allow guests to shower and breakfast before leaving.

Do I have to leave?

Due to the nature of these works and the resulting environment it is not safe to reside in the building so let’s go out for a BIG DAY OUT on true instead!

What about my things?

There is no requirement for room access and there is no risk to any items in your room. Whilst there is no risk you may wish to unplug or switch off any portable appliances but it’s not essential to do so. As long as the door remains shut, food and drinks stored in the refrigerator or freezer will be ok due to the limited duration and prioritisation of occupied rooms when transitioning power    

Do I have to go on the big day out?

You will need to leave the building but you don’t have to join the BIG DAY OUT although we would love you to join us with tickets, travel food & drink on us! For those that don’t we will ensure you are communicated to as to when you can return to the building.    

What about Covid?

We will continue to comply with all safeguarding requirements during the day, ensuring social distancing, non mixing of households and face masks when travelling or as required. However, we can still have fun! We have only 2 people quarantining right now and will liaise directly with them to confirm arrangements.    

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