Are my belongings insured if I have left the accommodation?

For peace of mind, Endsleigh, our contents insurance provider, has waived its un-occupancy exclusion of 60 days. Put simply, this means possessions left in your room will be covered under your policy for an unlimited period of time during the policy period (which runs to 31st Aug 2020). 

This cover will still apply for possessions that may need to be moved into storage. This includes valuables up to the limits as detailed here. More information can be found here.

I want to collect my belongings in person, what do I need to do?

You are more than welcome to return to collect your belongings. We only want you to travel when it is safe to do so. Your room is yours until the end of your contract. 

We are operating a booking system for students who need to return to their rooms to collect belongings. There will be three slots available per day from 1st June. Due to strict protocol, booking slots are only available Monday – Friday. Weekend appointments may be possible If necessary, please contact our onsite team discuss this option. 

You will be required to book a slot prior to visiting the accommodation to collect your items. All collections must be arranged in advance so please do not travel to the accommodation prior to an appointment being made. We ask that you try and arrive at the accommodation at the pre booked appointment time.  

Remember to bring plenty of boxes, tape and refuse sacks with you when you attend. 

How will you ensure the safety of those arriving to collect belongings?

The guidance outlined below has been designed to ensure your personal safety, that of our team as well as other guests residing at true. We ask the following guidance is adhered to when collecting belongings: 

  • Do not come If you are showing any symptoms of Coronavirus. Follow Government guidance and do not put yourself and others at risk. 
  • Always ensure social distancing. 
  • It is encouraged that you wear a face mask or covering to help protect yourself and those around you. 
  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly. It is recommended you wash your hands upon arrival in your bedroom and sanitise once you have left the accommodation. 
  • Limit the number of trips required to the car. 
  • Be mindful of other residents in the property. 

I still have my key, do I need to book a slot to collect my belongings?

Yes, we need to know who will be visiting the accommodation in order to protect our team and other guests residing at true. Furthermore, for safety reasons – all key fobs have been de activated. Please do not travel to the accommodation until you have a confirmed booking to collect your belongings. If you had temporarily left site but have now decided to return to live at true for the rest of your tenancy, please contact the onsite team to let us know of your intentions.

Can I bring someone with me to help collect my belongings?

You will be permitted to bring a maximum of one person, who given the current guidelines must be from the household in which you are residing, to help collect your belongings from accommodation.   

How long do I have to collect my belongings?

You will be assigned a two-hour window in which to collect all your belongings from your accommodation.

Can a true team member pack up my belongings for me?

  Unfortunately, this is not possible, due to safety and insurance policies.  

Can someone else collect my belongings for me?

No problem at all. You are welcome to send a family member, friend or flatmate to collect your belongings. Pre book your collection slot and provide us with written permission from yourself, as simply as an email, detailing the name of the person who will attend and that you give your consent for us to allow access to your room. 

If you authorise any third party to enter your room to remove your belongings, you do so at your own risk. We are not liable for any loss or damage to your belongings as a result.

What do I do with items that I no longer want?

Please dispose of anything that you do not want to take home using the bins on the property.  

You can donate any unopened, non-perishable food items and toiletries to a local food bank by leaving items at reception. 

I live overseas, how do I get my belongings back?

We recognise that collecting belongings may be challenging for some guests, particularly those who may have returned to their homes overseas. You are welcome to use external companies to pack up your room and store/ship items on your behalf. Please get in touch with us direct to let us know the details of the company you are using and when they are due to arrive to ensure we can arrange access to your room. 

For ease and convenience, see below details of our preferred supplier Seven Seas Worldwide who can provide several different options, what’s more, as a true student resident, you will receive a 5% discount. 

  • Find out more about the services available and claim your discount here.
  • If you require a packing service please book here by 19th June.

Any agreement you make is between you and the company you choose to use. Please note If you authorise any third party to enter your room to remove your belongings, you do so at your own risk. We are not liable for any loss or damage to your belongings as a result.     

I plan to use a packaging company. What will true student do to help?

We will allow them access to your room; however, we will not remain present whilst they are on-site. We will need written permission from yourself, as simply as an email in advance of the pre booked appointment, detailing the name of the person/company who will attending. Please get in touch with us direct to let us know the details of the company you are using and when they are due to arrive. 

If you authorise any third party to enter your room to remove your belongings, you do so at your own risk. We are not liable for any loss or damage to your belongings as a result.

I will be returning to live at true next year, can I leave my belongings onsite?

No problem! 

If you will be staying in the same room, we offer a complimentary room clean before you return. Please get in touch with us to confirm If you would like this done. You will also be provided with a new welcome pack when you return. 

If you will be returning to live with us but will be moving to a new room, we may be able to store your items for you. Please contact us to arrange this.

I will not be emptying my room, what will happen?

You can leave your items in your room until the end of your contract. After this date, we will follow our usual check-out process. We need all your belongings removed by this date to prepare the room for new arrivals. 

Contact our onsite team at the earliest opportunity to let us know If you will not be returning to site. 

I cannot get back before the end of my contract date. What can I do?

We want you to travel only when it is safe for you to do so. Contact us and we can discuss the options with you.   

I still have my key. What do I do?

If you will not be returning to the accommodation. Please return your key fob to us via post in a secure, padded envelope using recorded delivery to true Newcastle, 2 Coquet Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 2QE   

I have left without saying goodbye to the team?

Everyone’s lives have been severely disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and many of us did not get to say goodbye to each other before leaving to travel home. We have been truly touched by the messages from our true family and wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your thoughts and kind words. We feel sad that many of our guests are in their final years of study and perhaps won’t get to say goodbye in person. Please do continue to send messages to the team via the email for your residence, the team love hearing from you - particularly Will. For those who are returning for the next academic year we are really looking forward to seeing you as you check back in and can’t wait to catch up and have some epic (safe!) welcome parties. Although we aren’t physically truegether now, we are continuing to put on virtual events for everyone. Keep an eye on the social channels for yoga, live DJ sessions, cooking classes and more. Let us know if there is something you would like us to look at putting on, all suggestions are very welcome. 

I still have a question that is not covered above?

Don’t worry! We recognise there are lots of different circumstances and implications for everyone that might require a more flexible approach. Please contact our onsite team on 07921 353438 or email 

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