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true Glasgow welcomes students from all around the world

It goes without saying that student life here in the UK may be a little different to student life in other places across the globe (in a good way!). It’s not just the great universities, its also the freedom, social and living opportunities that are the perks of being a UK student.

Whether you are studying an undergraduate, graduate or PhD level degree, studying in the UK is an opportunity you will never regret taking. Not only will you walk away with a degree, you will have experienced the complete student lifestyle package which includes making new friends, having your own freedom and living space and enjoying what seems like the hassle free social life that comes with it.

Being a member of our true global community couldn't be easier - our aim to make sure everyone is happy, included and really enjoys their experience with us. With plenty of events we make it as easy as possible to build new relationships, and the true team will always be there to give a helping hand.

Begin your trip to becoming one of our international students

There is some information you need to consider if you think moving to the UK to study is the route you want to take. Below are some essential tips and frequently asked questions to help you get started on your road to true student living.