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10 must follow Spotify playlists for studying (and partying!)

Posted: Nov 01, 2016

Psychology experts have for a long time claimed that one of the main effects that listening to music has on the brain is that is makes you happier. Listening to music provides us with the same burst of happiness that we would get from say, being with people that you love or eating chocolate. As well as making you feel better, music can also help you focus a little better. You could say music makes studying seem like more of a hobby than a chore!

With smartphones and streaming services, listening to a broad range of music has never been easier, instead of stuck with the same old downloads that you’ve already overplayed to death.

Spotify is a music, podcast and video streaming service which is hugely popular with its millions of users and has transformed how we access and listen to music, both new and old. The beauty of it is that you can personalise your account the way you want it by creating and following the artists and playlists you love. Whether you're getting ready for a big night out or need to down tools for some studying, Spotify has almost any song, album or playlist from artists all around the world.

Here are the top 10 on trend playlists we think you will love for studying, nights out or just chilling with friends!

10) Study Time Starts Now

Sometimes studying can be made a whole lot easier when you have a more peaceful selection of songs flowing through your headphones. This playlist is sure to help you through it with a collection of soft songs allowing no distractions.

9) Bunker

Are you into that underground dance, techno and house music scene where all night raving is your thing? If so, this playlist is the one to listen too. With artists like Sidney Charles, Eats Everything and Kölsch, you are in for a night to remember. http://spoti.fi/2cYpj32

8) #ThrowbackThursday

If you're into singing Beyonce's - Crazy In Love whilst getting ready or reminiscing on those songs you used to love as a kid, the TBT playlist has it all. Updated weekly, you are sure not to miss out on the bangers from the 00s, 90s and more.

7) Chillout Session

Whether you're hungover from the night before, want to wind down or just need a break from studying, Chillout Session includes a mix of indie, pop and acoustic hits that will most definitely keep you chilled all day long.

6) Hot Hits UK

Updated daily, this playlist has all of the new and upcoming songs you must listen too. With numbers from Drake, Zara Larsson and Kings of Leon, you won’t miss a thing. http://spoti.fi/1U4NhtH

5) Room 2: Urban Classics

This playlist brings back those Hip Hop, R&B and UK Garage urban anthems we all love. Surely dancing to Snoop Dogg's - Drop It Like It’s Hot is everyone’s guilty pleasure! http://spoti.fi/2fhmKbC

4) #MondayMotivation

Monday’s are always a struggle whether you're getting up for work or uni, but there’s nothing a little music can’t solve! Start your week off with these 50 upbeat, motivational songs which are sure to make your Monday seem that tiny bit easier. http://spoti.fi/1SMAEhK

3) This Is How We Do

This playlist is your number one go to for all the latest R&B/Hip Hop songs by artists such as The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Ariana Grande and many more. Updated weekly you can stay on track with the best fresh new beats. http://spoti.fi/2bpLtuX

2) Indie Roadtrip

From Arctic Monkeys to Foals and The Killers, the Indie Roadtrip playlist is perfect for those long car journeys back home, or to start off your weekend away to escape the lecturers and books. http://spoti.fi/2fa5Der

1) Massive Dance Classics

The weekend has arrived and you're in need of a playlist to host the party. Look no further because the Massive Dance Classics playlist has every song you need to get hyped for your night out. http://spoti.fi/1WyZViy

And there you have it, 10 essential playlists to add to your Spotify account. Remember, Spotify premium is only £10 per month or £5 if you are signed up to a Unidays account so make sure to get involved to avoid missing out on all the latest and upcoming music throughout the year!