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Feel inspired by travel without leaving your home

Posted 19 Mar 2020

At a time where many of us will be cancelling plans, including holidays and perhaps even getting ‘cabin fever’ whilst staying at home, we thought we’d share how you can keep positive by experiencing ways to get your mind to travel, even when your body can’t.

Travel through the TV

See the world without leaving your sofa – just remember your Netflix log-in and some popcorn!

If you are into wildlife, Night on Earth is visually mesmerizing – it uses new technology lifts night's veil to reveal the hidden lives of the world's creatures!

Another amazing documentary which visits various corners of the earth is Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough - if this series doesn’t get you itching to see new places, nothing will!

For the foodies amongst us, Chef’s Table enables you to meet culinary stars around the world who are redefining gourmet food with innovative dishes.

Or get ready for some serious house envy by watching The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes, as it takes you inside architectural wonders built in mountain, forest, coast and underground locations around the globe.

Cook up a storm

Many of us cook the same meals week in, week out, so why not use any extra time you may have to discover some great new dishes. Try introducing one new meal a day, whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner by treating yourself to a new cookbook or discovering a new blog such as Minimalist Baker, which celebrates simple cooking by sharing recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minute or less to prepare. 

Read to escape

Why not escape by immersing yourself in a great travel book, here is a great list recommended by CN Traveler magazine.

Travelling books on shelf

Support local

With official advice being to avoid bars and restaurants, the hospitality industry is struggling right now, but supporting them through this tough time could make a real difference to their survival. Lots of restaurants are offering takeaway options - so if there is a local place that you have been meaning to try, now is the perfect opportunity to bring new exotic flavours into your home!

Research & plan trips for the future

Many people find the pressure of organising the perfect holiday stressful, but with no rush to book, there hasn’t been a better opportunity to spend quality time researching different destinations that you may never have otherwise discovered. Subscribe to a magazine such as Lonely Planet, CN Traveler, Wanderlust or National Geographic Traveller and you will soon be filled with inspiration, ready for when travel is safe again and offers will be flooding the market, so plan your hit-list now!

Sort through old holiday photos

The majority of us get trigger happy in foreign destinations, but never get around to sifting through, editing & enjoying our pictures. Whether you are a fan of Lightroom or have downloaded a free app like Snapseed, why not spend a few hours touching up your fave pics to print on a canvas or in a photobook. Reminiscing about the days of exploring all things new will uplift your mood & inspire you to plan your next adventure!

Posted 19 Mar 2020