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Swansea Student Skate Takeover!

Posted 7 Dec 2021

No festive season is complete without a trip to the ice rink. We might resemble Bambi more than famous skating duo Torvill and Dean, but tradition can’t be wiped out by an ice-cold bruised butt and the kind of belly laughs that hurt!

So, as tradition calls, we headed down to Swansea’s Waterfront Winterland for a true student skate takeover. We partnered with SHIFT for a house/disco/techno vibe which resulted in a 2-metre-long conga and plenty of shapes cut down the ice rink!  

Overall, we had a smashing night and met lots of new faces at our first ever Student City Fest event! Now it’s time to rest up like pigs in blankets until the new term begins, alongside even more exciting true student events…  

In the meantime, find out more about how we’re taking over the city with our all-new student accommodation in Swansea! Trust us, you’ve seen nothing like it…  

Students skating
Posing for the camera

Enjoying the playlist
Winning true student prizes
Posted 7 Dec 2021