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Simple life changes to help save the planet

Posted 30 Oct 2019

It’s important that we do everything we can to help save the planet and reduce our carbon footprint. There are numerous different things you can do to help and it all starts right from the comfort of your university bedroom. 

1. Save electricity 

It’s easy to wake up early in the morning for a 9am lecture and forgot to turn off the light, heating, TV or radio. Try and get into the habit of turning all electrical items and devices off when leaving your student room. 

2. Conserve water  

Many of us have the shower running for a long time before getting in and washing. Make sure you are ready to jump in as soon as the temperate is right for you. Secondly, another easy one to avoid is leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth. 

3. Take public transport 

With many taxi companies available at the click of a button, it’s easy to not look twice at an alternative method of reaching your destination. But, walking or cycling is a great way to reduce greenhouse gasses, keeps you fit and is completely free! Alternatively, if this isn’t possible, why not try taking public transport? 

4. Re-use 

There are plenty of water-filling stations on campus, be sure to purchase a reusable water bottle to avoid paying for water and using excess bottles/plastic. If you’re a coffee lover and find yourself nipping into a coffee shop before your 9am lecture, it’s also a great idea to buy a collapsible coffee cup and pop it in your bag for those Monday morning struggs! 

5. Recycle 

We have a range of recycling facilities available at our true student residences. Please be mindful about which bin you pop your rubbish into. Did you know almost 75% of waste we bin can be recycled? Find out more about how you can take action for your world!

Posted 30 Oct 2019