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Shop Local for National Cookie Day!

Posted 11 Dec 2020


It’s safe to say the last nine months or so of socially-distanced, Zoom-ified interactions has been an adjustment for us all. But we like to think we’ve gotten pretty good at this virtual event thing. For starters, we saw the public plea for #shoplocal, and we raised you exactly that.

On Friday 4th December 2020, we teamed up with local Instagram business Bianca Bakes. Like many others, she developed a passion she never knew she had in the first lockdown. What was that? Well, if the name didn’t give it away… that passion was baking.  

With more time on her hands and living in a garden-less apartment, she found baking to be a coveted escape and an anchor of comfort, amid the anxiety-inducing chaos provoked by a global pandemic.

After exhibiting a flair for baking and icing cakes, cookies & brownies, Bianca set up an Instagram page as a portfolio. Admittedly, she adds, it was to see if she was actually improving, because “the weekly shop for all these ingredients was getting terrifyingly expensive!”

Soon after, and thanks to the limitless reach of modern-day social media, her sweet treats were getting discovered. To her disbelief, the orders flooded in and the financial uncertainty of ordering all that flour & sugar began to subside.  

Fast forward six months, a couple of virtual courses & a heck of a lot of practice, we reached out to Bianca to put on a virtual bake-along for our guests on National Cookie Day. Yes, we really do celebrate anything...  

Anyway, it was a great success and our guests loved it! They each received delicately-presented kits of Bianca’s special cookie dough, as well as bespoke bags of decorative ingredients (aka pretty much all the chocolate you could eat, plus some more).

The result? Some pretty amazing personalised chocolate cookies which came in all shapes and sizes – from Christmas trees to Yin and Yang cookies. Take a look for yourselves...

Just bragging about our creations on Zoom, wbu?

Ok Bianca, are you ready for some quick-fire questions?

BB: Bring it on!

Favourite thing to make? 

That’s like choosing your favourite sibling! Hmm... cheesecake

Hardest part of baking? 

Trying to stop yourself eating any leftovers!

Christmas dessert of choice? 

Homemade mince pies

Biggest baking fail? 

Melting chocolate in a non-microwaveable container in school. The smoke alarm went off!!

Milk, dark or white chocolate? 

Milk chocolate every time

Most requested product? 



Thanks to Bianca Bakes & our lovely guests for a wonderful National Cookie Day. Same again next year?

@biancabakes_ delivers home baking and decorating kits nationwide. #shoplocal

Posted 11 Dec 2020