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Introducing Oaka Cafe at true Manchester, Salford...

Posted 26 Feb 2021

Last month, Oaka café opened its doors in true Manchester, Salford. Since then, guests have been enjoying an exciting array of food and drinks which fuses Asian cuisine with classic British favourites.

What is Oaka?

Oaka derives from the Hakka dialect to mean ‘home.’ The language of Hakka 客家 which literally means ‘guest family’ is spoken in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and numerous provinces across China.

Oaka strive to bring people together through a love of good food and drink!

Will I like Oaka?

Here at true Manchester, Salford, we can guarantee you’ll enjoy all that Oaka has to offer. The menu allows you to experience rich Asian flavours like Hoisin sauce and Kimchi, alongside crispy ciabatta toasties or saucy topped noodles.

You’ll even be served by some of our very own guests, who have managed to secure a job at the café. For more information, visit the Oaka website or check the menus below to get your hands on some of the delicious food and drink that Oaka has to offer…

Open Daily 10am-8pm

Oaka Menu

Posted 26 Feb 2021