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Meet the Manager - true Newcastle Glassworks

Posted 20 Sep 2021

Meet Sally: our General Manager at true Newcastle Glassworks and, fun fact, the longest-standing true team member! 

Sally is currently busy welcoming new arrivals and ensuring everything's ready for the year ahead. Luckily, we managed to hunt her down for a quick Q&A so that her new guests can get to know her a little more. Read on for Pretty Woman, Newcastle beaches and err... Piers Morgan?

What’s your favourite thing about true Newcastle Glassworks? 

The community feel, we have 5 blocks here at Glassworks & it really feels like our own little community!

You’ve got the Picture House to yourself for two hours – what would you watch? 

It would have to be Pretty Woman, it's my all time favourite film!

What does your ideal day look like in the Toon? 

A day at the beach. We have some great beaches in Newcastle, so definitely fish & chips at the beach with a cocktail or two to follow!

If you had your own talk show, who would your first 3 guests be and why?

Floyd Mayweather – I’m amazed at how successful he has been & I want to get some tips from him, Emma Bunton from Spice Girls – I’ve been obsessed with the spice girls since I was little! And I’d also like to meet Piers Morgan to find out why he stormed off GMBT?

If you could instantly become an expert in something, what would it be? 

Forensics as I’ve always been intrigued by this!

What is your favourite memory of being a student yourself? 

Creating friendships that will last a lifetime!

You have to wear a T-shirt with one word on it for one year, what word would you choose? 

Legend (I use this word a lot)

What’s your dream trueLife event at true Newcastle Glassworks? 

Hmmm this is a hard question! We host so many great events, but my dream event would be to host a grand ball for charity where everyone gets dolled up & has the best night, all supporting a good cause.  

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be? 

The pandemic, I just want normality back!

If you had to live one day over again, what day would you choose? 

The day I had my little girl, it was the best day of my life 😊

Posted 20 Sep 2021