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How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home

Posted 19 Aug 2020

So, you're moving into your new university room, but how do you make it feel like your home away from home?

Check out our top tips below for creating the perfect study, living and sleeping environment for you to excel at university...

Create a clear study space

There is nothing harder than trying to motivate yourself to work from a cramped, or uncomfortable desk. To create a productive environment in your uni room, ensure you have an adequate workspace with a bright desk light, and plenty of plug sockets to charge your phone and laptop.

Why not go the extra step and add some soft lighting to make it feel cosier, maybe a mood lamp or some fairy lights. It's also important to arrange your working space exactly how you feel most comfortable. Some people like a completely clear and clutter-free desk area, whereas others can work more efficiently with everything they need at arm’s length.

Making sure you stock your new desk with all the stationary you need will ensure you never come unstuck whilst the creative juices are flowing. From every colour highlighter under the sun to notebooks, post-it-notes and pencil pots, make sure its all within easy reach.

Each of our bedrooms at true Student Living come with a large desk area for you to study. We believe that the key to success in your degree comes from having a productive and comfortable study environment, so along with our individual desks in rooms, we also provide a quiet but collaborative study environment in our first-class student accommodation.

Make your bed feel cosy

As a student, sleep is the key to exam success! At true we provide comfy mattresses to ensure you get the best possible nights sleep. Ensure the bedsheets and covers you pack are right for you and feel matches with the theme of your room. You can always add cushions and a bed throw for extra comfort and lounging on during the day.

Bringing your favourite pillow or blanket from home will add that extra home-feeling and will help ensure you get a good nights sleep. Also - don’t forget to pack some of your favourite pyjamas!

At true, all bills are included but if your uni room is part of a shared house, heating bills can often be a common debate. Invest in a soft fur or chunky knit throw for those cold winter evenings, having an extra layer to wrap up in with a cup of tea or a great cover for when friends inevitably sleep in your room

Bring your room to life

Fairy lights can instantly brighten your mood, especially during the winter months - they're so cheap and easy to drape over your desk, around your bed or on your shelves. Alternatively. if it's wall art you're after, all of our true student accommodation rooms come with a pinboard for you to attach as many of your favourite posters, postcards or pictures to.

If like us, you are obsessed with house plants, turn your uni room into an oasis of life with low-maintenance succulent plants. Or if you feel like becoming quite the green-thumb try a bonsai tree for added zen-points.

Got a favourite band, artist or photographer? Why not litter the walls with posters (just make sure you don’t damage the paint!) to transform your space into an expression of your personality, making you feel comfortable and cosy as soon as you step into your uni room.

For lazy evenings in you can’t beat a beanbag. These compact seating alternatives are ideal for movie nights with friends. We recommend choosing one in a colour that matches the rest of your room’s decor.

Pack your home comforts

Whether it's your favourite picture frame of you and your best friend or a teddy bear you've had since you were young, make sure you pack it! There can be moments when you need a reminder of your friends/family or a cuddle from your life-long teddy bear, especially when you're far away from home. 

Taking a little reminder of what makes you feel happy and content to university is so important to help you adjust to your new life.

Why not check out our guide to studying at home to make sure you have all the knowledge to create the most productive uni room desk.

If you're still looking for student accommodation, find out what true Student Living has to offer.  

Posted 19 Aug 2020