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Keeping Motivated During Covid

Posted 30 Mar 2020

It's easy to feel a lack of motivation and slip into bad routines whilst you're spending a considerable amount of time inside. We've put together a daily checklist of things you can do to stay motivated throughout these tough times:

Something for the soul

When is the last time you read a book, meditated or practiced yoga? These are all great ways to zone out of what's currently going on in the world and enjoy a bit of you time. There are plenty of specialists out there providing free meditation workshops and yoga classes, or why not follow us on Instagram where we'll be uploading a weekly yoga routine by our qualified instructor Rosie.

Something for the brain

If your university is continuing to supply virtual lectures, it's important to take notes and complete the work that is set. Ensure you set-up a comfortable work station with everything you require to study and keep focused.

Something for the body

It's been proven that exercising for as little as 10-minuter per day can make you instantly feel happier! You only need a small space in your house/flat for a fat burning workout or to build up your core strength. Why not have a go at our leg and glute home workout.

Something outside

If you have a garden - lucky you! Otherwise providing it's safe to do so, ensure you get out once a day for a change of scenery and some exercise. Alternate between different types of exercise including walking, running and cycling on different days to mix things up!

Something productive

We all have life admin that we can easily push to one side and forget about. Now is the the perfect time to crack on and set-up that new bank account you've been meaning to open or sell those jeans you've outgrown on Depop.

Something New

It's time to get creative and learn a new skill or try something you haven't done before! Have you always wanted to learn a new language, but never had the time? Duolingo is a free platform with bite-size lessons to make learning a new language fun and easy! Alternatively, maybe you're more of a cook and would like to try baking a new creation just in time for Easter Sunday!

Something Social

Just because you can't meet up with your friends doesn't mean you can't have a good old catch-up on the phone. Use this opportunity to connect with those friends or relatives you haven't had the chance to speak to for a while. If you'd rather have a video call there are also plenty of Apps including House Party and Zoom. House Party is a great one for group video conversations and has built in entertainment including quizzes, drawing games and more!

Posted 30 Mar 2020