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How to Prepare for Quarantine at true

Posted 20 Aug 2021

It's important to prepare for your time in quarantine if you are travelling to the UK from abroad for university, or need to self-isolate due to contracting coronavirus or being in close contact with someone that has. As the new University year rolls around you might be moving away from home for the first time, and the prospect of being locked up in your room can be a daunting one in an unfamiliar city. So, we've put together a few tips to help you prepare for your time in quarantine:

How can I stay prepared in case I need to self-isolate?

  • Check that your contact details are up-to-date within your account so we can contact you if we need to. Our team are available 24/7, so there is always someone available should you require assistance.
  • Set up an online account with a local supermarket, so you can order your groceries online should you need to. If you're having trouble finding a supermarket with an available delivery slot, check out to search for all available delivery slots from a range of different supermarkets. We will deliver any essential grocery deliveries direct to your door, please just confirm all pre-booked delivery slots with the on-site team in advance.
  • Stock up on some cupboard food items before arrival (e.g tinned food, rice, pasta etc) so you can continue to eat, even if you can’t immediately get a supermarket delivery.
  • If you require regular medication, make sure you have enough of it in case you need to self-isolate. 
  • Ensure you have enough clean clothes to wear whilst self-isolating. Laundry request are made only if absolutely necessary and are kept to a minimum throughout your time in quarantine, so as to minimise the risk of contamination. If you do require urgent laundry, the on-site team will collect and return it to you upon completion of the cycle.
  • Leave all rubbish inside your room to prevent the spread of germs. If you require refuse to be collected, simply contact a member of the true team who will arrange this. Please ensure it is in a bag and tied securely.

What should I do if I think I have Coronavirus symptoms?

If you think you have any symptoms of Covid-19 (including a high temperature, a continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste), please self-isolate immediately and follow the advice on the NHS website

Please do not visit the reception team, but do let us know by email, so we can best support you through isolation.  

Here at true, we are taking special measures to ensure your time in quarantine is as safe and comfortable as possible. Mail services and parcel deliveries will be made direct to your door once per day, so you don't miss out on any urgent (or boredom-saving) supplies! Don't forget to join us for a range of virtual events during your period of quarantine, as this will enable you to feel connected to others in your new home.

Posted 20 Aug 2021