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Exercising at university made easy!

Posted 2 Jan 2020

With a New Year comes new resolutions, routines and new habits. Many of us will begin the year with healthy eating plans and new exercise regimes. 

At true we know it can be hard to fit in exercising around your university studies! That's why at our true Swansea, Salford, Glasgow and Birmingham developments we have a fully-equipped on-site gym for you to use free of charge. This means if you fancy pumping some iron or running a marathon, you can do it without leaving the building. If you're more of a novice when it comes to the gym, or need an extra boost to hit your training targets, we also have qualified personal trainers to help develop an exercise plan that is right for you!

Not much of a gym fan? Not to worry, at all of our true developments we hold a range of events each month to increase our guests fitness from weekly yoga classes, to bootcamp and riot Boxing. Pop down to reception to book onto a specific class or find out more.

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Posted 2 Jan 2020