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#BlueMonday? There’s only one way to get through it!

Posted 20 Jan 2020
By Dr Dominique Thompson

Well - if Blue Monday even exists then there is only one way to deal with it!

Supposedly the most depressing day of the year, the third Monday after New Year (‘Blue’ Monday) is said to be psychologically tough as a result of the combination of cold weather, dark skies, distance from Christmas, money worries and diet resolutions!

Sounds awful-  so what are you going to do to get through it?

Like I said, there’s only one way forward…

When something like Blue Monday comes at you in life (and although this specific date is just a marketing ploy by travel agencies and health food companies, there will be other days you find difficult in the year) this is what you can do…

You have to run towards it like Phoebe from friends, arms flailing, hollering a loud war cry and wrestle it to the ground. Tickle it till it cries for mercy, then get up dust yourself off and jog home triumphantly.

Spend the rest of your Blue/rubbish day wearing rainbow bright colours, cooking spicy food (to warm you up), chatting with good friends, and smiling - even if you don’t really feel like it (it’s proven to make you feel better)!

Days like the mythical Blue Monday are hard for everyone, and a pain to get through, but you can do it.

Tackling them head-on is exhausting, but it will be worth it. Wearing bright clothes and eating hot food may sound a bit silly and eccentric but the idea is to approach the day assertively- be the boss of it, not let it get the better of you.

Make a positive decision to do something, like getting sweaty at the gym, or going for a walk or bike ride whatever the weather. Plan ahead to meet friends, walk someone’s dog, or watch a funny film  with your mates, and make sure you’ve bought your favourite snacks.

Try to avoid isolating yourself, blanking it out with alcohol, or spending money you don’t have, as that will probably make you feel ‘Blue’ on the Tuesday too, unfortunately. Sometimes the only way to get through a Blue day is an hour (or even 15 minutes) at a time, so break the day up into segments, and plan different activities, meals and rest, according to what you will look forward to and enjoy.

Blue Monday is a ridiculous concept, dreamt up by PR agencies to sell you stuff, so give it the cold shoulder, and plan yourself an amazing ‘Pink Friday’ for midsummer instead! 

Posted 20 Jan 2020
By Dr Dominique Thompson